30 de julio de 2009

Are we still friends?

It's finish, there's no commitment, no more worries. But you aren't happy, or at least, that it's what I think. You always want to be with me, but I'm not yours any more. I'm not saying that I don't want to be by your side, I'm only saying that you are not letting out all the feelings that you have, you said that you have to be without me some time, ok, I understand that, but why you are so strange with me. When we are alone, you don't do like always, you sit on another place, you don't call me, you don't tell me nothing, it's like when we were not friends at all, before you started to get confidence with me.
Some days I wonder if you are like that because me or 'cause you are sorry, and then I ask me: Are we still friends?? Are we really still been good friends?? And the answer is: I'm not sure, for me it's more easy, I know that, and now I can be like before, but you... I don't like been tied to another person, I don't feel good. Only I want you to know it's that want you happy and I want you with another person with you were happy. I can't think anything more to say, only that:
I'm not yours any more.

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